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  • Liv Apartments

    Very close to WSU campus, and also great living space. No problems since I been here.

    Dexter Dennis
  • Dwell Apartments

    This place is great for living especially for students who are studying in Wichita State University. you can go to the university campus in 5 mints.

    Md Barkat
  • Granada Apartments

    Lived here for 5 years. Love Diane and Brooke. They’re very responsive to maintenance request and complaints. It’s super convenient to have laundry in the basement. Close to the bus route and campus. The apartment is small but there are storage lockers in the basement.

    Brooke Jackson
  • Grandview Apartments

    It’s nice on the 3 rd floor. 😌

    Kristopher Stewart
  • Liv Apartments

    Very convenient apartments to live in, great value for your money!!! Free and super fast WiFi, super close to campus, fast response to maintenance repairs, excellent pool, quiet and peaceful area, beautiful landscaped park next to the apartments to take a walk, super pet friendly excellent laundromat service, highly recommend this place.

    Fredy Rivas
  • Dwell Apartments

    Area is really quite, inside is really modern and super gorgeous, pricing is awesome !

    Cathy Huynh
  • Granada Apartments

    New Owners opted for a new upgraded internet network for the building right away which really helps! Every unit has their own private internet paid for now so that was nice to see too! Also they provided individualized secure door codes for each tenant, nice too. Definitely a nice small knit safe building.

    Michael Rosales
  • Grandview Apartments

    This place offers best appartment with less cost and free wifi and wichita state university right next to street. Place is properly secured

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